Cloggie: afp: Oxford mini meet

Oxford Galaxy Quest minimeet

To Oxford

So I was whining to a coworker about how some afpers were going to hold a meet in Oxford to see Galaxy Quest and how I would like to go to, but... She then made the following sensible remark: "Why not go then, if you want to?"

So I did.

My flight landed At Luton airport at around nine am and I arrived in Oxford by train at around twelve. We were supposed to gather in the station between 12:30 and 1:00 so I settled down to wait, trying to look like somebody who would go to afpmeets. That didn't cause much difficulties...

The first to arrive was Nikki, also arriving by train from Reading. She came in, I looked at her, she looked at me and we both knew that the other was the person we were looking for.

Ever tried to get eight afpers to agree on where to go eat? When one is vegan, one detests Italian, one hates curry, etc, etc? Suffice to say we ended up eating at a fish and chips shop...


Labelectomy on a poor,
defenseless, ickle cat.
Rachel looking on with glee.
And then the penguin
had to be delabeled too...
CC doing what comes naturally.
(That's Kim, Zoe, Nikki and Rachel)
J, with trademark hat
J, without his hat.. CC again
one bad pun too many Stop singing J!
Corinne Her favourite drug.
CC looming. Get that camera away from me!
No comment Rachel looking way too cute with that cat
Rise and shine....

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